How to immigrate Canada 2019

Top 9 Ways To Immigrate Canada 2021

Many people asked me that how can we go to Canada? So I thought that a complete post should be written in which all things can be told in detail. I am going to tell you the top 9 ways to immigrate to Canada.

If you also want to go to Canada then this post is for you. We have so many options for going to Canada but which option will be better and easy, we will discuss below:

1: Student Visa

Students from many countries go to Canada to study because entry is easy through student visas.

Canada is an education-friendly country, so if your bank balance is good and you can afford it, then this is the best option for you.

How to immigrate Canada 2019

You need some documents before moving to Canada:

  • Passport
  • Passport Size Photographs (6)
  • Leaving Certificate
  • 10th Marksheet, Credit Certificate
  • 12th Marksheet, Credit Certificate
  • Diploma Marksheet, Degree Certificate
  • ITI’s Marksheet, Degree Certificate
  • Bachelor’s Marksheet, Degree Certificate
  • Master’s Marksheet, Degree Certificate
  • IELTS (Overall 6 Band & No Less than 5.5 Each Module minimum for SPP)
  • Work Experience Letter if Any
  • Credit Card Details or DD in Favor of College

If you come here for a study base then after 1 year, you can apply for the work permit. First, you get 21 hours to work But when your education is completed, you get a full work permit which is 3 years old.

Student Visa is the best option for those between the ages of 18 to 25 & IELTS 6.5, Proof funds, etc.

2: Visitor Visa

This is also called a Tourist Visa or Business Visa. These have come into the same category.

In such visas, as long as one person’s passport remains valid until then he gets a visa and maximum they can stay in that country for 6 months.

How to immigrate Canada 2019

they can’t do the work but you have a business visa, you can attend business meetings.

If you have a good education, experience, then you can give an interview here and a job offer letter. After receiving the offer letter, you go back to your country and apply from your home country.

This is also the best way to go to Canada.

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3: Spouse Visa

Spouse visas also have 2 categories:

  1. One category is that if a person has come here on a student visa and after that, he wants to call his spouse, he can call a spouse through this visa.
  2. The second condition is that if any person marries a Canadian citizen here, the visa he takes on his behalf will be a spouse visa.

How to immigrate Canada 2019

4: Global Talent Visa

If you have any plan that you can do in Canada, then on behalf of this, you can apply for this visa for yourself.

But that business will put a positive impact on Canadian Society. It will create jobs inside Canada.

How to immigrate Canada 2019

5: Business Immigration

If you have any investment, you can do it here. On behalf of this, you can get immigration.

If you have 250,000 CAD for investment in main areas and 150,000 CAD in town areas then you can invest here.

This option is only for those people who have sufficient funds and interested in business.

How to immigrate Canada 2019

6: Parents or Grand Parents Program

After this, the way to immigrate to Canada is through the parent’s and grandparent’s program. That is, if a person has Canadian PR here, they can call their family. They are given super visas.

This way they can meet their children and immigrate to Canada. This is also a good way to immigrate to Canada.

How to immigrate Canada 2019

7: Work Permit

After that what we all get favorite is a work permit. To get a work permit you need LMIH, for which you can call a foreign worker inside Canada.

Work permits especially those who are truck drivers, hotel management, tile fitters, plumber, carpenter, and agriculture. These people are easily found because the Canadian community is heavily educated.

So here people with such work permits get out early. A work permit is only for 2 years.

How to immigrate Canada 2019

8: Express Entry

It is one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada. It is a governmental program by which they immigrate from all over the world. Last year 340,000 people have immigrated to Canada.

Some basic things you should have for getting an express entry:

  • Education
  • Area of Training
  • Age
  • Work Experience
  • Language

How to immigrate Canada 2019

9: PNP (Express Entry Sub Category)

It is the last and easiest way to immigrate to Canada but your profile should be in the express entry.

It is a subcategory of express entry but Once you put in an express entry, you have a lot of options where you can immigrate easily through PNP.

How to immigrate Canada 2019


Friends, in the post above, we saw how we can immigrate to Canada. These are the top 9 ways through which you can easily go to Canada.

I would like to suggest to everyone that if you want to immigrate to Canada then you should meet with a consultant who has more experience with Canadian immigration.

Please read this post carefully and share it with your friends as much as possible.

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