How To Create Backlinks From Social Media

As we also know that SEO is changing daily that’s why we have to be updated all the time. Today we are going to talk about how to create backlinks through social media.

Today we will talk about some such techniques which can get you backlinks from social media and different platforms.

None of these is a technique that will give you backlink in a day.

One thing that people often forget to pay attention that is the content.

If you want a backlink from a high content website, then your content should also be of high quality.

1: Wikipedia

Everyone wants to get a backlink from Wikipedia. Taking a backlink from the world’s number 9 website is not a difficult task. But your strategy should be fine.

First of all, you need to check that the keyword you are targeting is related to Wikipedia coming in the top 10 pages of Google.

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If the article of Wikipedia is coming in the top 10 pages, then you have to read it carefully. Whether or not you can create content related to whatever content is given on that page.

You have to go to your Wikipedia editor account and write an article related to that article. After writing the article you have to paste your link there.

If your link is powerful then Wikipedia will approve it.

2: Microsoft Bing

There are so many people don’t know about Microsoft Bing. Bing is the world’s largest search engine after Google.

Bing invites himself and gives the link. Like Google My Business, Bing Business has listing options. And it gives the facility to make local listings into the business listing.

You can easily list your business by visiting the BingPlace website.

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You can add your office name, address, which will have a link to your website.

You will not find an easier way to get backlinks from the world’s second-largest search engine.

3: Quora

Quora is a Question-Answer website like Yahoo. Like any social platform, the link from Quora is no-follow.

But now Google has announced that no tag is needed for no-follow. Google will decide whether those links pass page rank or not.

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If you follow the strategy properly, Quora can generate both traffic and backlinks for you.

There are some things to keep in mind before becoming active on Quora.


  • Create a Personal Profile
  • Use Keyword Research: Find proper questions for your brand.
  • No Incomplete Answers
  • Interact With Followers

As we have discussed above some important points, you should remember these points. Quora is one of the best platform where you can get huge traffic. Therefore, you should use Quora as much as possible.

4: Broken Backlink Method

You can replace their links with your links by finding broken links on the website that provides the resources related to your end.

You can use Google Search Operator to find your resource site.

If you are searching the resource page for a Coffee Shop. Then you can search in google:

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Here Intitle is an advance search operator which will give you a list of pages that are related to the coffee shop. And the title of their page is linked to the word Coffee Shop Resources.

Similarly, if you want to find the word coffee shop in a URL, then you have to use the inurl search operator.

Google Search Operator

If you have good content then you will get success definitely.

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Above we have discussed some techniques which can give you both short term and long term benefits.

We have discussed backlinks in 2 posts even before. The first post was which are the bad ways to create backlinks and how to avoid them?

The second way was how we can create quality backlinks? If you have not seen both those posts, then you should also read them quickly and make a quality backlinks.

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