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6 Reasons Why You Need Online Business Directories

Directory listings were once quite a popular way for online business marketing. They have been in use ever well before all the fuss and hoopla about SEO and search engine marketing. In this post, I am going to discuss 6 reasons why you need online business listings.

In those days, it was deemed necessary to list business to as many directories as one could to gain the mileage. But then, due to the constant algorithm changes from Google and mostly due to the practice of spammy link building, directories suffered a lot and lost on the popularity chart. However, now when the rules of link building changed, you can still use them to gain value for your business.

Here are some the reasons why you need still need online business listings –

1: A great place to advertise on a large platform at a low cost

The directories of today are a place where you don’t just leave links to your website but you can also an entire banner and achieve your advertising goals. With them around, you can do away with buying an ad space anywhere else and still get handsome returns sans any competition. A business directory gives you a chance to advertise on a large scale in a low budget.

2. A simple place to start your marketing journey and gain big

Although SEO is popular and quite effective at online marketing, it’s something that comes with its own set of rules and complexities. If you are not familiar with optimization techniques, there is not much to gain.

On the other hand, business listings are simple and easy and they have a process in place which has not much technicality. Above all, they abide by the SEO protocols and thus they give you both the simplicity and advantages of optimization together.

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3. An effective way to target local customers

Business directories are a wonderful way to put your business in front of local customers and perform well where it matters the most. They can prove a great boost to your presence in the local market. Business listings help to grow your business online.

When your business is listed on directories, it will help you in local searches where people tend to find products and services closer to their area. This is how your business can gain more visibility on the web and also excel locally.

4. You can join directories without even a website

Online directories don’t ask you to first have a website before benefiting from them which is what SEO does. Here, you can create a landing page through a listing and then hope to enjoy all the benefits that the online world has to offer.

Once the business listing is done, search engines can use all the information of your business and ensure greater visibility and a wider reach in the online space.

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5: Solid backlinks can be achieved

The link building as we know today comes with their own set of risks and can even harm your business more than they benefit in most cases. If you’re not careful, links might be exchanged with a website or PR site that does follow bad practices that can affect your business.

On the contrary, directory submission not only removes such risks but helps you get a solid link in a trusted platform and can boost your position in search engines. Business listing is one of the best techniques to rank your business locally.

6: You can create brand awareness  

Business directories are a great place to create brand awareness despite the low budgets. They can include your social media account details, can help you use banners, logos, videos, images, etc, and reach to the target audience easily. For that reason, it always makes sense to ask the digital marketing company you plan to hire to leverage online directories as well and give your business the edge it deserves.


As we have discussed in the above post how business directories grow your business locally. I would like to suggest you that you should do the business listings to grow your business. I have discussed 6 reasons why you need online business directories that are very useful to grow your business.

Author: Shehraz KhanFounder of My Digital Post, and I have a passion for all things digital marketing. I hold an MBA in Marketing from the prestigious University of Pune and have been in the industry for over 6 years now. As a Digital Marketing Manager and Blogger, my expertise lies in SEO, SMO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Content Optimization. I love creating strategies that help businesses to achieve their marketing goals and make an impact in their industry.

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