How to do On-Page SEO 2021

Today we are going to talk about how to do on-page SEO. If you understand this then it will be easy for your business.

This is the technique to stay up to date whatever I will tell in this post, do it carefully.


SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” which is a system by which your website’s visitor will be increased because of your website’s high ranking.

Search Engine Optimization is an activity that attempts to improve Search Engine Rankings.

  • Title: Your title should be a maximum of 50-60 characters only. If you write your title under 60 characters, it means your title 90% properly ok.
  • Description: It should be a maximum of 155-160 characters because people will read your description and click on it that’s why it should be attractive and meaningful.
  • Keyword: is a word used to find information when researching. For example, If I search on google “Best digital marketing company” it is called keyword and keyword can be anything whatever you search on Google, YouTube, etc.

On-Page SEO 2019

On-Page SEO 2019

SEO Techniques

  • White Hat SEO: It is considered as organic SEO. White hat SEO follow all guideline of Search Engine.
  • Black Hat SEO: It is considered as unethical SEO. Black hat SEO doesn’t follow the guideline of any Search Engine. If you use these types of techniques then search engines add your website in the blacklist.
  • Grey Hat SEO: Grey hat SEO is a combination of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO in which 95% white & 5% black should be used. But you should not be used more Gray Hat because if Black Hat is increased a little then your website can be added to the blacklist.

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SEO Types

There are two types of SEO:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

In this post, we will discuss the On-Page SEO step by step.

1. Content is the King

I usually told you that content should be unique and do not copy-paste. You have to write with paragraphs and small sentences.

You have to write the content in such a way that I should have the best topic within the entire Internet. The context must be good because if you are talking about Digital Marketing then do not add other topics.

2. On-Page Optimization

What does it mean? I wrote everything on my website, but now whether or not Google will index it is also the biggest problem.

What does the index mean whether it will store data or not? We use here H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, and paragraphs.

On-Page SEO 2019

Use the image alt tag

If we will give structured data to Google then SEO will automatically be done. Let him understand what we are trying to say. Comfortably he will understand the data.

On-Page SEO 2019

3. Branding

The next point is Branding which is very important. If I search on Google “Best Smartphone” then Google will show me the top 4 sites:

  1. Jhingalala Shop
  2. Flipkart
  3. Paytm
  4. AMazon

In this case, I will click on Amazon and Flipkart because the Jhingalala shop is coming on top first but nobody knows this company. Everyone will click on Amazon and Flipkart because everyone knows these two brands. That’s why Branding is very important.

Use Social Media to build your brand

If you want to build your brand then you will have to use Social Media. Create a Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter page, Insta page, etc. These will help you to build your brand.

People will get to know you by doing this with this, you will also get branded searches. People will reach you by looking at your social media activity.

4. UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience)

UI means how your website looks like:

  • What colors you are using?
  • Which font you are using?
  • Which color sense you are using?

UX means how soon does it open when someone lands on your website.

  • A lot of popups don’t come
  • It is not that there is no navigation button at all
  • Any difficulty while opening a website

Doing this spoils the user experience, Google knows what the people search. If there is any problem in opening the website, then Google will not rate it well.

How does Google know how much time have they spent on the website? It is called dual time. The better dual time is Google will give it a better rating and bring that website up.

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5. Mobile-Friendly Website

It means that anybody opens your website on mobile, UX and UI should be better. 70% of searches are being done from mobile.

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and everyone is opening a website on mobile. So, I suggest you use bootstrap. If you are using WordPress then it should be a mobile-friendly theme.

All the themes are coming mobile-friendly now.

On-Page SEO 2019

Use AMP for Mobile

Full name of AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) If you use WordPress, there is a plugin that will be available for free. This is the best thing for the blogger. People searching through mobile that’s why you should use AMP on your website.

6. Add Videos to your content

Try to add more and more videos inside your content. Any person lands on your website and reads your content.

Suddenly he sees the video and he starts watching the video. Doing this dual time of your website increases.

Let’s assume that your content is not good, but the video you picked up from YouTube has good content. They read a little content and started watching videos.

Now he spent so much time on your page, what is the message with Google that this page is good and your ranking will increase.

According to research, more than 80% of people will like video content by 2022.

7. Voice Search

If I talk about myself, I like Google more because Google has been searching for a long time. And the search engine is very big, the data is too much.

Google has already indexed a lot. We first have to find out what people search on our website. According to them, we will have to put keywords on what they are searching for.

On-Page SEO 2019

I would like to personally suggest to everyone, please put Q&A on your website.

Use SSL certificate

According to research, Google itself has said that we will give better rank to the websites which have SSL certificate security.

I would like to recommend that please use an SSL certificate and your website speed should be fast.

It has been seen that if your website speed is more than 4 seconds, then Google will not pick you up in voice search.

Domain authority should be good and it should also have quality backlinks.

8. Social Shares

Google sees how many shares are coming. If people are sharing on social media then what does it mean that Social Media plays an important role in SEO.

So do not concentrate on any one topic, but prepare yourself overall digitally. Create social media groups, pages and post your content regularly.


As you have seen how we can do on-page SEO. Here I have shared all the points through which you can do on-page SEO of your website.

Read all the points carefully and share them on social media and with your needy friends as much as possible.

We will discuss the Off-Page SEO in the next post.

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