The Role of VPS Hosting in E-commerce

The Role of VPS Hosting in E-commerce: Boosting Online Store Performance

Do you love online shopping?

Which site do you prefer most? You buy clothes, groceries or even daily food. Without eCommerce companies, do you think it is possible to have an excellent online shopping experience?

Small businesses always opt for the relevant marketing strategy at a lower cost. One major business niche is eCommerce, one of the growing sectors at a higher speed.

Ignoring web hosting infrastructure is unjustified when we talk about the online world.

To run an eCommerce business, there is a requirement for web hosting infrastructure.

Due to a limited budget, many eCommerce business owners will prefer shared hosting. But a VPS server with cPanel hosting is a boon for eCommerce business owners because of the domain management features. In this type of hosting, business owners get a dedicated resource (CPU, RAM and Disk Space), operating system, and others allocated to one user only.

VPS hosting is beneficial in several terms, and in this blog, we will discuss the same.

Switch to Control

The control factor is essential when considering a VPS hosting server. You could choose between Linux and Windows VPS servers. Full root access, unmetered bandwidth and higher uptime in VPS hosting servers will make things perfect for any eCommerce website.

Reliability, performance and scalability all will be in one hosting plan. Regarding VPS hosting, advanced features are included to make this hosting option viable for eCommerce business owners.

If you closely observe the functionality of VPS hosting servers, it works like a dedicated server. When there are different virtual servers, it is called VPS hosting in one physical server.

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Referring to the above information, we can say that VPS hosting servers give more control over websites and applications. For instance, you are running an eCommerce site and will not tolerate sharing server resources because it may lead to an information breach.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting plans and expensive!

So, how can an eCommerce business owner save their online business and get administrative control? VPS hosting is the answer!

Now, let’s read some insights about the benefits of VPS for an eCommerce sector.

Benefits of VPS Hosting for the eCommerce Sector

1. Guaranteed Resources

How much RAM, disk space or CPU resources are required to host an eCommerce site hassle-free? All of them will be available with VPS hosting plans. The only you have to do is choose a reliable web hosting company.

Moreover, the VPS service will not allow you to share server resources with anyone else. There will be different virtual servers and their owners in one physical server.

Your chosen performance specifications are your own when using a VPS service. Depending on your plan, you’ll receive the number of CPUs, RAM, and disk space you selected. That provides stability to your e-commerce site since they won’t be shared.

As part of the managed VPS hosting service, you can also access network monitoring and instant provisioning. Your e-store will remain accessible to potential customers if these safeguards are in place.

2. E-Store security

Nothing is worse than trying to shop online and seeing a security message. Is inserting sensitive information on a page that prompts a “Back to Safety” button safe? Your potential customers aren’t either, of course.

It is common for shared hosting companies to use shared SSL certificates to keep their prices and costs low.

 You may receive a security warning to your visitors if your domain isn’t directly connected to the certificate. VPS hosting avoids this problem since you get a dedicated IP address, and your SSL certificate is directly associated with your domain.

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3. Managed Server

Server management is a crucial part of maximizing the online presence. After all, if your hosting server is not up to date or not comprised of advanced software or applications, technical hurdles are obvious to come! Therefore, with managed VPS hosting, business owners will focus entirely on running daily operations.

Reliable web hosting companies like MilesWeb offer 24×7 technical support through live chat, email and phone support.

Having such technical support keeps business owners stress-free.

4. Global Data Centers

Research for the web hosting company that has global data centres. So, if your online business gets hosted at its global data centres, target consumers will be from different nations.

Global online exposure will help you in many ways, like foreign transactions and maximized revenue.

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You can build your online store with great flexibility using VPS hosting. Besides getting higher performance and stability, you’ll also get more security to minimize the risk of losing potential clients.

There will be a time when you need to upgrade from the cheapest e-commerce hosting options available. You can avoid additional costs by starting your e-store development with VPS hosting right from the start.

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