effects of watching pornography

Effects Of Watching Pornography | Causes and Solutions

Today, a very bad addiction that is engaged in our youngsters is to watch a porn movie. Both men and women are involved in watching porn movies. And this is such a bad job, due to which the abominations like rape are increasing in society today. I will explain the effects of watching pornography in this post.

Earlier people had no smartphone and internet so it was very difficult to watch porn movies. But today everyone has a smartphone as well as internet so watching porn movies has become very easy.

The best thing is that there is no cost to watch porn movies. You will get millions of porn movies for free and you can watch them.

  • Every day emails and chats that are written, 2.5 billion are related to sex
  • The biggest reason why 58% of divorces are happening in foreign countries is that one of the husband or wife watches a porn movie due to which they are not able to satisfy their partner.

Side Effects and Causes Of Masturbation

If we consider, then all the rape cases are happening in our society, the assessment cases are happening. There is only one reason behind them all and that is to watch our youth porn movies.

How the Porn Industry is bigger than other industries

Porn Industry is a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry

The porn industry of the whole world is going to generate multi-trillion dollar revenue. America’s baseball, football, and all the combined sports are more than the revenue of the porn industry.

India’s cricket, football, and all the games that have the highest budget are from the porn industry. Let us think about how much money is going into this industry. Millions of porn websites are available on the internet.

Why pornograpgy is so dangerous

Side Effects Of Watching Porn Movie

Pornography Addiction is greater than a Drugs Addiction

1.Ease of access

The biggest reason for this is that pornography is easy to access. Because if a person takes drugs then he has to go to the market first and have to pay to buy. That drugs have to be hidden from people and there are many problems.

But there is no problem with porn addiction. If he has a smartphone or laptop, he can easily watch porn movies. That’s why pornography is easier than drugs.

2. It is affordable

If a person takes drugs then he will have to spend money but do not spend any money to watch porn movies

Porn movies are available for free on many websites.

3. Pornography disconnect reality

Expectations of humans go far away from reality and relationships of Husband & Wife destroyed.

Because the guy who watches the porn movie thinks that he should do the same thing with his partner as seen in the movie.

But it is not possible to do this and the family structure is ruined.

4. No one is seeing me and I am anonymous

The wrong misconception is that anyone who watches a porn movie thinks that no one is watching me. While its IP address is tracked.

Now if he reaches a big post, then anyone can blackmail him.

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5. It goes undetected

If a man takes drugs, he finds out by looking at his face, but the person watching the porn movie cannot tell that this guy is a porn addict.

It was seen in a BBC documentary that a man was a porn addict for 10 years. Due to porn addiction, he was fired from his job and his family was ruined.

The same man says that if I find a button, by pressing it, the porn servers of the whole world will be destroyed.

And if I have to die 10 times for this, then I am ready to do this. Because of this porn addiction, 10 years were wasted.

effects of watching pornography

How Does Watching A Porn Movie Affect The Human Mind

1- When a person watches a porn movie, a chemical comes out of his brain called dopamine.

This chemical gives you a good feeling, but if it gets too much which is of porn addiction then it can also damage your brain.

2- The guy who watches more porn movies loses his sex power. He realizes this after marriage. This type of person is interested in watching porn movies even after marriage.

3- When a guy watches a porn movie, he has such a bad effect on his mind that naked pictures of girls keep roaming in his mind all the time. In this way, his progress also stops.

How To Protect Yourself From Porn Movie

Today it is very difficult to avoid porn movies because everyone has a smartphone and internet. There are millions of websites where you can watch porn movies for free.

But to avoid porn movies, we have to make sure and remove our minds from this side.

1. Sit with good people

The first thing to do is to be with good friends. Good friends can save us from watching porn movies and guide us on the right path.

2. Use of sources or habits

After that, if you go to any porn website then stop going there. Whenever you use the internet, do not use it after closing the room.

3. Use of the Internet

Whenever you use the internet, sit in front of everyone. Because when a man is alone he thinks no one is watching me and he goes to the porn website.

effects of watching pornography

4. Short term goal and long term goal

Be sure that I will not watch a porn movie for a week. Commit that you will never go close to the porn material.

Change this short term goal to long term. I intend that I will never go close to porn material for a month, then for a year.

Doing this will one day make you stop watching porn movies.

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Responsibility of Parents

  • If possible, do not give mobile to your child at a young age
  • If possible, hurry to your child’s wedding
  • Due to late marriage, children start watching porn movies and start masturbation
  • Keep an eye on your children, who their friends are and who they live with
  • Avoid this pornography yourself and save your friends
  • Due to this pornography, we do not know how many people have been ruined and are getting
  • Be sure to avoid pornography and save others as well


You saw how pornography is ruining people’s lives. So we have to save ourselves from this mess and save others as well. In this post, I have explained all points of the effects of watching pornography and causes.

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