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10 Types of Keywords in SEO You Need to Know

Keyword research is the first process before doing SEO or runs a paid campaign. Any marketer can not ignore this keyword research process. In this post, I will explain the types of keywords in SEO that is every marketer should know.

To get traffic on your blog, you have to pay attention to 2 things. The first is a high-quality article and the second is keyword research. If you pay more attention to these two things, then you do not need to do much in SEO to rank your post.

Keyword research is a process by which you search popular search terms. People who type in a search engine like Google, and include them in your content so that your content appears at the top in the search engine results page (SERP).

1: LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing)

When we do some search on Google, It relates us to those keywords and suggests some more similar keywords. That is called LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords.

You must use LSI keywords in your website because these are the keywords that are most searched.

I am showing you an example of LSI keywords below the image:

LSI keywords

And using these keywords increases the chances of website ranking quickly. Therefore, you should not ignore LSI keywords.

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2: Branded Keywords

Branded keywords search is, quite simply, results shown when you search for your brand name. Whether you’re a new company or a big brand, you’ll want to rank number one for your branded search.

Branded keywords

Branded keywords are search phrases that include a brand’s name. These types of keywords may include only the brand name or the brand name along with a product type, product name, or another descriptive search phrase.

3: Short-Tail Keywords

The short tail keyword is a search query made with only one or two words that a user searches by typing in Google.

In simple words, short-tail keywords are short keywords that are made up of two words but have a huge amount of search volume. These keywords are highly competitive.

short-tail keyword

Ranking on short-tail keywords becomes a bit tricky. Therefore, I would advise you to focus on long-tail keywords only if your website is new.

Long-tail keywords get ranked quickly as compared to short-tail keywords.

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4: Intent Targeting Keywords

When a user performs a query, their search intent will fall into these three basic queries.

There are three basic types of search query:

  • Informational – User performed to answer questions or learn something
  • Transactional – User performed to buy something
  • Navigational – User performed to locate a specific website

intent targeting keywords

In these types of keywords, we see what is the user’s intent? They want to buy something, want some information, or they want to go to another website based on location.

5: Long-Tail Keywords

A long-tail keyword is a phrase that is made up of 3 or more than 3 words. Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to use.

They have a much lower search volume but they make it up by being much less competitive.

If you have a new website then you should focus on long-tail keywords. Because long-tail keywords get ranked quickly as compared to short-tail keywords.

I show you some examples of long-tail keywords below:

long tail keywords

long tail keywords

In the above images, I have explained about long-tail keywords. You don’t need to be confused about short-tail Vs long-tail keywords. I would highly recommend you to use long-tail keywords in your blog or article.

6: Short-Term Fresh Keywords

Short-term fresh keywords are those that have been in the news or been hyped over social media very recently. For example, a mega release of 2020 was “The Invisible Man”.

An example of fresh keywords is upcoming movies to release like “Angrezi Medium” which will be higher before release and drop after the release.

Writing content on the film or any content related to it would have ensured a steady flow of traffic for some time.

After a few times, these types of keywords fall down quickly.

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7: Geo-Targeting Keywords

In this type of keyword, you can target a specific country, city, state using a geo-targeting keyword. Google Ads has a feature that allows search advertisers to specify a location, as the only area(s) in which they want their ads to show.

These are the keywords that focus on location. These keywords lead the searchers to a local set of results so that local businesses and companies would be given priority in this ever-growing world with an ever-growing market.

8: Customer Defining Keywords

Customer-defining keywords are search phrases that identify a specific subset of customers. In these searches, customers use words to define themselves.


  • Jeans for women
  • T-shirts for women
  • Running shoes for boys

These are the keywords that are focused on your target customers. In these types of keywords, you have to focus on customer queries or phrases.

9: Product Defining Keywords

These are the keywords that explain and describe your product. These types of keywords are phrases that directly reference a company’s products or services.


  • Reebok Shoes
  • Nike Shoes
  • Mufti Jeans

These keywords directly reference brand products or services.

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10: Long-Term Evergreen Keywords

Evergreen keywords are those keywords that are relevant all the time. The search volume of these keywords might fluctuate now and then but there won’t be changes.


  • Social Media Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization

These types of keywords can fluctuate but never out of searches. These keywords will get high searches all the time.


As we also know that keyword research is an important process before doing SEO. I have explained here some types of keywords that digital marketers should know.

These all are the important keywords that you have to put on your website according to your niche. I hope, this post will help you to find keywords for your articles or blogs.

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