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Common On-Page SEO Mistakes in 2021

There are a lot of new bloggers or SEO persons who make a lot of mistakes while doing On-Page SEO. Today we will discuss all those mistakes. In this post, I will explain common On-Page SEO mistakes that should be avoided.

There are some freshers or beginners who start making backlinks and do not pay any attention to On-Page SEO.

One thing to remember is that first, you have to do your On-Page SEO, after that, you have to start the work of  Off-Page SEO.

In this post, I will explain all the mistakes of On-Page SEO, please read the full article because you are going to learn many things.

1: Missing Heading Tags (H1, H2……)

You have to keep in mind that you have to use the headings on your website. There are some new bloggers who do not pay attention to this thing even though it is an important factor of On-Page SEO.

You have to use H1, H2, H3…….H6 tags on your website or content. This will benefit that the user will also enjoy reading your content and Google also follows the headings.

SEO Heading tags

You should not avoid these heading tags while doing On-Page SEO.

Image SEO For Google My Business

2: Title Tag & Description

Some new bloggers or SEO persons think that we have to write a title of 50-60 characters and a description of 150 characters. And they put their keywords in the title and description which leads to over-optimization.

But you don’t do this but your title and description should have keyword relevancy. And your title and description must match user intent.

Title description SEO

For Example

If a user searches what is SEO? and I am showing them about the SEO course then that user will not click on my website. Because all they need to know about SEO only not your course, they are not interested in your SEO course.

So you have to take care of user intent while writing the title and description.

How to do On-Page SEO 2021

3: Focus on the On-Page SEO while Website Creation

You do not have to do that your website is ready and you are now starting its On-Page SEO. If possible, keep an SEO person with you while creating a website.

Because SEO person will guide you and it will make your work easier. If you start your On-Page SEO after creating a website, a lot of time will be wasted.

The SEO person will guide you according to which category your website and blog belong to.

4: Missing Or Broken Alt Tag

According to SEMRush, 45% have a missing alt tag. Google is unable to read your image, so we have to put an alt tag so that Google can easily understand your image.

Many times it happens that the image does not open due to which the error is visible or we do not use the alt tag.

You can see an example of a broken image below:

broken image

So you have to keep in mind that every image should be accompanied by an alt tag. This is one of the biggest On-Page SEO mistakes.

5: Missing External Link Placement

Some people make the mistake that they do not use the external links in their content. You can use Moz Link Explorer and Ahrefs for this.

External Link placement

If you are writing some content and giving a link to another website there, it means that you are giving a reference to that website. This shows that the link is pointing above a good or relevant website.

You should not avoid external links because this is also an important factor of On-Page SEO.

Difference Between Technical SEO and On-Page SEO


As we talked about in the post above, what kind of common On-Page SEO mistakes we make? How can we fix those mistakes and what should you keep in mind?

We have discussed all this in this post, so I hope that you guys have got a lot to learn and will continue to write such posts even further.

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