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Best Instagram Theme Ideas To Delight Your Followers

Instagram is more than just a place for people to take photos, get discovery inspiration, and connect with friends. Nowadays, it’s often someone’s initial contact with your business. Full of opportunities beyond sharing aesthetically pleasing imagery. Let’s cover the best Instagram theme ideas to delight your followers.

Instagram is a social media platform for brands looking to expand their reach and boost exposure. Nearly half of the 400 million-plus Instagram users follow at least one brand, and nearly two-thirds of its users visit the site weekly — that’s an audience ready to engage with you.

Instagram has become our go-to source for inspiration and escapism from daily life, meaning — users are actively looking for fresh content, brands to follow, and products to shop or save—especially during uncertain times. 

What is an Instagram Theme?

 Instagram themes are created by individuals and brands to achieve a cohesive look on their Instagram feed. It’s no secret that top companies spend hundreds of dollars per month on professional designers, just so their Instagram feed stays on brand

Instagram themes are a great way to achieve a cohesive look on your Instagram feed and show off your aesthetic in a fun way. Knowing how to create an Instagram theme is key for all those who want to learn how to use Instagram for business, or just for boosting their brand.

List of Tools to Make Your Own Instagram Theme

Your Instagram theme should be a reflection of your brand style. If you’re not sure about – where to start with creating a unique theme, use these tools and resources to get inspired.

  • VSCO 
  • FaceTune2
  • Canva
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Instagram Themes

With a consistent theme, your Instagram content binds together, creating a cohesive image for your brand. Whether it’s the colors or patterns you use or the subject matter of your photos, you want to keep your theme front and center.

Best Instagram Theme Ideas To Delight Your Followers

Minimalist Theme

A minimalist theme is one of the Best Instagram Theme Ideas To Delight Your Followers. It is a perfect choice for all kinds of brands and products. Such a theme allows customers to focus on the message you want to convey, and it also showcases your product in a sophisticated, streamlined way. 

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Bright Colors

Let’s talk colors. Bright Colors’ theme is that gives off positive energy and happiness. Such is a great idea to use as a feed theme if you are trying to get more followers, specifically a young-age target audience.

Bright theme Instagram

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One Color

One color to get your creative juices flowing. Select just a single color scheme and use that throughout all of your posts. This will create a color grid on Instagram where all the colors are tremendously similar. This can help to get across a certain mood, feeling, or vibe with your feed. 

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Puzzle-Grid Theme

Wow, your Instagram followers with a puzzle-grid theme. On Instagram, the puzzle-grid theme is when all your pictures on the feed are hooked together by forming a large image. Before creating this theme, make sure that your photos are very similar in composition, hue, and subject matter. This will make sure that your puzzle grid is cohesive and looks good!

puzzle grid theme - mydigitalpost

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Pastel Theme

It’s time to start using pastel colors in your feeds. Add a little bit of color to your Instagram feed by using any of the following pastel colors. While soft pastels are often favored by individuals who follow a sweet, childlike aesthetic, bright salmon pinks, light blues and oranges also work as part of an appealing pastel color scheme. If you want to make your Instagram page appear cheerful, natural, or happy, pastel colors are a great choice.

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Checkerboard Theme

A photo grid is a great way to have fun with your photos. If you don’t want to go for vertical or horizontal lines, you can try using a checkerboard theme. This is one of the cleanest and most cohesive options you can choose, as it’s very straightforward to pull off.
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Flatlays Theme

Flatlays are so trending and without any suspicion – it is one of the best Instagram themes. Flatlay is a photo taken from above, displaying an arrangement of items on a flat surface. Flatlays are usually shot from the point of view of the photographer. 


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Black or White Borders

Black or White Border is one of those little things that you don’t tend to notice until you are actually on your Instagram profile. Using Black or White Border on your Instagram posts in your profile gives it a nice extra pop. By using Black and White Borders, your posts will look nice with the best look and feel.

black white borders

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Same Filter

If you are a professional or business who prefers uniformity, using the Same Filter option on Instagram will be a good idea. It will transform your photos into a homogenous grid. This ensures that all your photos have the same color, brightness, and contrast level. You can simply tap on any photo or video in your camera roll to instantly edit it with one of our professionally designed filters. 

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Vintage is a stance that both looks and feels classic, but with a little edge. The vintage style is all about the color, composition, and subject matter of the photo. Instagram filters can help with this approach, but you may also want to consider editing and color-correcting some photos manually to reach the look you’re going for.

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 If you’re looking for an easy way to fill your Instagram feed, repetition is one of the easiest strategies. Repetition is a good way for someone who doesn’t want to think about what to post. All you need are two photos of the same subject to use over and over and tweak based on your audience to post in the same area of your feed.

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If you are fond of colors and love to introduce your Instagram post with multiple colors, then rainbow is your choice. Rainbow is a bright and vibrant theme, ideal for artists and photographers. This theme is completely customizable and adapts to your needs. Rainbow gives you the freedom to express your creativity and create a colorful, stylized look for your Instagram feed.

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Doodle is one of our most popular themes in the Preview app. Use it to enhance your Instagram stories and posts with sparsely placed, minimalistic graphics. The simple design makes the text the focus of Doodle so that viewers can concentrate on getting inspired by wise affirmations, fun quotes, and motivational sayings.

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Bottom line

The right Instagram theme will attract the right customers and help you build a brand people trust. If you plan to grow your business, then Instagram is one of the best platforms to reach your target audience. Your business might be a retail shop, supermarket business, coffee shop, simple accounting software business, or whatever, no matter what, branding will help you to reach your audience. 

The above vibrant themes are one of the best ways to keep your followers’ attention on your beautiful images and to give them a consistent experience with compelling stories, keeping them around longer, and in turn, allowing you to make more sales.

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