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How to get sponsored on TikTok

YouTubers and Twitch streamers are nowadays the prominent representatives of making money as independent content creators. They can rake in both donations and money from sponsorships. However, TikTok is not far behind them in success, and we have seen many content creators on that platform achieve internet fame. This means that you can make it big as long as you know how to get sponsored on TikTok.

Fulfill the basic requirements

There are two different paths to making money on TikTok. The first and most direct one is making money from the platform itself. However, to do this, you need to:

  • Have a Pro account
  • Be over 18
  • Have one hundred thousand verified follows and as many video views over the last month
  • Have posted over three videos in the last month

If you fulfill these conditions, you can start earning money from TikTok. The second source of TikTok income is, of course, sponsorships. Note, however, that to get sponsored on TikTok, you will likely need to fulfill the previous requirements. After all, no brand wants to work with someone who cannot at least go ‘pro’ on the platform. It would be a losing proposition. So, even if professionally running a TikTok account seems like one of the potentially successful business ideas for teens in 2022, there is still an age cutoff.

Create original and interesting content

TikTok is, obviously, a very popular platform. To get sponsored on TikTok, you need to stand out somehow. Now, even if you do not have particularly unique content, it is admittedly still possible to make it. But, as the digital marketing experts from like to point out, achieving success without excellence will require a lot of investment in marketing. You will need to put money into promotion, ads, and maybe even collaborations with other creators before you get noticed. This kind of promotion will take a while and be a severe drain on your resources. It is better to come up with your niche and try to make new and refreshing content of your own. It is fine to research other creators and find inspiration in their work. But try not to turn your account into a copy of what someone else is already doing.

Keep your profile well organized

Your profile is the best way you introduce yourself to your audience. Therefore, you should properly and professionally organize your profile. At least if you aim to make money off the platform and get sponsored on TikTok. It would help if you had a high-quality profile picture, a cleanly laid out email address, links to your other social media, and especially a memorable username that makes your account stand out. When you finally grow more and get sponsored on TikTok, you can also use this space to give shoutouts to your sponsors.

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Do not expect to get sponsored on TikTok easily

There is a severe misunderstanding that becoming an ‘influencer’ on TikTok is a low-stress job that pays well. And while it is true that the money’s good if you become an e-celebrity, ‘no stress’ is a bit too much of an overstatement. You will need a lot of planning, work, and effort to grow your audience and attract attention. This means that the job likely will be stressful. At the very least, this applies to the start of your career when you are still getting your bearings. Doubly so because it is likely that your career will not be profitable for some time, forcing you to supplement it through some other form of income. This typically means having another job on the side or watching your savings slowly dwindle while you stress over jumpstarting your TikTok career.

Connect with your audience

Running a TikTok account to get sponsored is, realistically, a business. And just like with any other business, you need to know what audience you want to focus on. Realistically speaking, you cannot appeal to all the viewers out there. Some groups will like your content more than others. You must learn to avoid targeting the wrong audience and know who to reach out to. There are two possible approaches to this. You can first decide on your target audience and create content they would like. Or, you can determine what kind of content you’d prefer to make and figure out your target audience from there. Both approaches lead to the same result. You only need to be careful of sudden changes in the type of content you produce. Changing the content on your profile can upset your audience and make them leave you.

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Show off your promotional skills

At the end of the day, brands want to sponsor TikTok users to appeal to wider audiences. This means that, as the sponsored party, you would be in charge of promoting the brand you are in a contract with. No one wants to work with someone who doesn’t draw sales, and if you cannot prove your effectiveness at promoting brands and products, you will be unable to seal any sponsorships successfully. So, even before you get an official sponsorship, you should choose a few of your favorite brands and subtly promote them in your TIkToks. This will show off your promotional skills and give the brands interested in working with you solid proof that they will be able to rely on you.

Be professional

The final thing you need to learn about running a business online is that people prefer to work with ‘professionals.’ Now, this is obvious, but what is less obvious to some is that you must present yourself as a professional from day one. This means that you need the proper equipment to make your TikToks, such as a quality camera, editing software, and a professional tone. In other words: act the way you want to be viewed. If you present yourself well, you will not need to go back and delete your old videos out of embarrassment or because they might hurt your future career.

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Final Comment

Now that you know how to get sponsored on TikTok, the only thing left is to try! So long as you put in your best effort, we are sure that you will eventually make it and turn a profit off your TikTok account.

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