Biggest Islamic Institute Of The World | Jamia Al-Azhar

Biggest Islamic Institute of the world

Do you know the name of the largest Islamic Institute in the world? Jamia Al-Azhar is one of the biggest Islamic institutes in the world, built in the Egyptian city of Cairo.

Every day more than two million students study in this Institute. This Islamic Institute built in the name of Hazrat Fatima Zohra Radiallahu Anha, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him (PBUH) in the year 970 costs 10,000 crores every year.

These expenses are so big that many companies can be opened every year. Here we will know about each and everything about this Islamic Institute.

Biggest Islamic Institute of the world

Staff & Education | Jamia Al-Azhar

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  • The number of people working in Jamia Al Azhar is more than 6000.
  • It is the most modern Islamic Institute in the world where physics, chemistry, biology and various subjects of science are taught along with the Quran and Hadith.
  • According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the first university in the world was made in this Institute itself.
  • You may be surprised to know that Jamia Al-Azhar University runs more than 4000 schools in Egypt.
  • It has 4 medical colleges and 360 academic departments.
  • The library at Jamia Al Azhar is one of the largest libraries in the world.
  • After Baghdad and Spain, people came from far and wide to study in this university built in the Egyptian city of Cairo.
  • Every year more than 50,000 foreign students come to Jamia Al-Azhar to study.

Biggest Islamic Institute of the world

History Jamia Al-Azhar

Jamia Al Azhar was started in a mosque but slowly it became the largest Islamic university in the world.

Muslim scholars and Scientists like Imam Ghazali, Abu Ishaaq Isfarani, Abu Bakr Al Baqilani also served in this university.

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Ibne Khaldun, who wrote the world’s first book on sociology and economics. Wrote Muqadma Ibne Khaldun, sitting in Jamia Al-Azhar, which is Mark Zuckerberg’s most favorite book.

You may be surprised to know that at Jamia Al-Azhar University, the tradition of calling experts for lecturing on various subjects. This was first started which is used all over the world today.

Biggest Islamic Institute of the world

Muslim Scholars Contribution to Physics & Chemistry

In the medieval era, most books on science and technology were written in this Institute.

Books are written by Muslims on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy Surgery, Mathematics, etc. These are still taught at Oxford and Cambridge University.

Napoleon’s reign

When Napoleon captured Egypt in 1789, he praised this Institute. He wrote in his diary that such a university does not even exist in Paris.

When Napoleon formed the Consultation Council after occupying Egypt, all 9 of its members were Muslims. All of these, Muslims came out of Jamia al Azhar University.


Jamia Al Azhar was the first university in human history to organize seminars related to women’s education and health. Thousands of Muslims go to Hafiz, Qari, Aalim as Doctors, Engineers and Scientists every year in this University.

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This madrasa is a slap in the mouth of all those who say that only Hafiz, Aalim are made in the madrasa.

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