Which Basic Questions Should Be Prepared Before The Interview

Which Basic Questions Should Be Prepared Before The Interview

Friends, have you ever thought that when we go for an interview, which one should we prepare questions? To crack any interview you need to know which basic questions should be prepared before the interview.

Our biggest problem is that whenever we go for an interview, we leave without any preparation, due to which we are rejected. Before going to the interview, we should study the company profile, HR profile, Company Policies, and Services, etc.

Today I am going to tell you some tips that will help you crack the interview. Please read the full article and share it with your friends as much as possible.

1: Tell Me About Yourself

First of all, did I prepare me to answer the first question if asked, “tell me about yourself”? How should I express myself? If not then prepare yourself for this question.

2: My Top Strengths

The second question is that did I make a list of my top strengths to share in the interview in performing the role? If not then go and prepare your strength.

3: Knowing Job Description

Did I go through the job description thoroughly and understand the requirements of the role? What they require, have I studies about their role?

4: Printing Resume’

Did I print copies of my resume’ & cover letter, education, and work certificates? Sometimes we forget to take our documents in haste. That’s why first put your important documents.

5: Body Language

Have I recorded myself and evaluated my overall body language? How do I sound, make eye contact and express while speaking? We should take care of all these things before going to an interview.

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6: Behavioral Questions

What behavioral questions the interviewer could ask? Can I think of some? Did I prepare myself to answer them?

They can ask you a situation and you have to give a proper answer. They can ask about your mistake, your goal, motivation, team handling, etc.

7: Research On The Company

First of all, you have to do research about the company where you are going for an interview. You should know about how is the company’s environment, member, owner, location, etc.

Did I research on the company and understand its products & services and the industry they work in? How can I show my interest and passion to work in this industry and especially for the company?

8: How To End Interview

It should be known that how I end the interview? What positive lines I should leave the interviewer with while saying bye? what are the questions we have to ask and don’t ask.

9: Success Stories

What success stories do I have from my previous and current work experience? Is there anything specific that I would like to share with the interviewer relating to the role itself?

You should be explained about your achievements and success stories that’s why you will have to share with them.

10: Personal Questions

They may ask about like;

  • are you married
  • how many kids do you have
  • what is your marital status
  • how old are you now
  • who is in your family
  • how much savings do you have
  • what liabilities do you have
  • do you smoke/will you quit smoking, etc?

These questions you may face with the interviewer and you should know how to handle them?

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11: Why Should We Hire You

Sometimes the interviewer asks, “why should we hire you”? Prove yourself for the role and company. This is a basic question that the interviewer may ask you. For this, you have to be ready and what are the qualities inside you which are not available in the rest.

12: Reach Out To Network

Did I reach out to my network or close friends who might have worked or know someone who has worked (or is working) in the company I am going to be interviewed for to get some information about the company’s culture, work practice, and tips on the interviews?

13: Finding The HRs/Recruiters

Did I try to find the HRs/Recruiters of the company on LinkedIn and view their profiles to know them more? What they have been sharing lately and did I manage to get an understanding of the work they do?

What are their qualifications and what types of questions they may ask?

14: Salary Expectations

Yes, the interviewer will ask about my salary expectations. Did I prepare myself to answer it? What is my salary expectation’s bracket? However, what if the interviewer would say it is out of our budget? How should I tackle and negotiate?


Friends, you saw that questions can be asked in interviews and how do I have to prepare for all those Questions?

Here I have shared 14 tips with you to search the answer to all these tips and go for the interview. If you will do study these tips then you may get a good job.

Author: Shehraz Khan

Founder of My Digital Post, I have completed my MBA in Marketing from the University of Pune. I am a professional blogger and having almost 5 years of experience in SEO, SEM, SMO, and Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Content Optimization, etc. We provide the latest digital marketing services.
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