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Canada Express Entry Immigration | PR Program 2021

Dear friends, I am going to explain how to apply for permanent residence through Canada express entry. This post is important for those who are well qualified and want to move to Canada. We will learn how to apply for permanent residence in 2021.

In this post, I am going to give you all the answers such as what is the process, what document is required, how much money will be spent, and how many stages will all the work be done.

I am giving you an overview but I will explain all the points in detail one by one.

1) Educational Credential Assessment


3) Create a Profile for Express Entry

4) Receive Invitation To Apply (ITA)

5) Documentation

6) Visa For Landing

These are the 6 points that we will talk about in detail. After completing these you get ready to go to Canada.

These points are very easy to speak and read but for these, you need both time and effort.

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1:- Educational Credential Assessment

It is an education assessment such as whatever degree you have and where you are coming from and whatever your academics are. They evaluate your educational profiles means whether they are satisfied with the Canadian standard or not.

And this work is not done by the Government of Canada but there are some companies, they do this work and for this, they also make some money (200-300 CAD) from you.

If you are studying in Canada, then you will not have to do this assessment. And if your degree is from India, then you will have to do this educational assessment.

It takes some time to get it done, that’s why you should get it done in advance. So that you should have it ready while applying PR. This will be very helpful to get your Canada express entry.


The second and important thing is the IELTS exam. The better your numbers are in the IELTS exam, the more your points will be.

There are 4 modules in the IELTS exam and this increases your points, so prepare very well for it. This exam is valid for 2 years, so give this exam whenever you want.

And if possible, you should clear this exam in advance so that when applying PR, you should be ready from all sides.

3: Create a Profile for Express Entry

This is the very major step that you have to create your profile on the website of the Canadian government. In this profile, you are going to add your:

a) IELTS score

b) Educational details

c) Work experience

I am giving you a Canadian government website link where you can calculate your score.

Calculate your score: Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool

Now you have created this profile and put your all details in it and after that, you have to submit.

As soon as you submit then your next step will be to wait for some time.

4:- Invitation To Apply (ITA)

The Canadian government draws a cut-off score, if your score matches the Canadian government’s score then you will get an invitation.

If your score is low, then there are many more programs for you. If you are equal to the cut-off score, then you will get an Invitation to apply.

If you cover all these points then you will get permanent residence through Canada Express Entry.

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5:- Preparing Your Documents For Submission

The next step is preparing your documents for submission. You have submitted your score and you have been invited to apply.

Now you have to submit all the documents that you had submitted in your profile such as:

  • Educational Certificates
  • Passport
  • Passport size photo
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Work experience
  • Medical certificate
  • Police clearance

If possible, you start submitting all these documents in advance because they give you only 60 days’ time to submit the documents.

a) Proof Of Funds

What happens in the proof of funds is that you have to show all those applying are required to show funds separately.

For example, If a guy is applying, then he has to show 12000 – 14000 Canadian dollars in his account.

b) Pay Your Express Entry Fees

After uploading all documents, you have to pay Canada express entry fees which are around $1040 per person. If you are applying more people, then multiply by $1040. It depends upon how many members are applying.

After doing all this, you have to wait for a little so that it is all processed.

Processing also takes 1 to 6 months and some people are very lucky, they are done within a month.

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6:- Confirmation Of Permanent Residence

What will happen in it that you paid whatever fees you had to pay, after that the Canadian government will send you a final notification that all your documents have arrived and sent your passport so that we can stamp it?

Once you get this notification, it means that all your work is done.

Now you have to send your passport and for this, they will give you 30 days’ time.


You have seen how we can apply for permanent residency through Canada Express Entry.

For this, you may take 1 to 6 months but you have to keep all these points in mind and prepare to go to Canada.

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