Is it worth to move to Canada

Is it Worth To Move To Canada From India in 2021

Today we will talk about a very important topic which is related to moving to Canada. I was getting messages from many people and people keep commenting and asking that is it worth to move to Canada from India in 2020.

Here I will share with you realities which are of great benefit to you.

Some people keep asking me whether we go to Canada or not?

1: Can we get a job there or not?

2: We have no qualification

3: We don’t do any work in our country

1: Family Oriented

If you are a family-oriented or you are a Mummy’s boy and Mummy’s daughter then you should not come here. Because you are going to miss your family very badly, have to do everything myself.

If you are very attached to your parents then the difficulties will increase further.

2: Attitude

If you own too much attitude, I don’t want to do this, more problems are going to arise.

If you are ready to do anything then you should come otherwise not.

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3: Making Good Money

If you are making good money in your home country then there is no benefit to move to Canada. Your experience also will not be considered.

While inviting, they will call you on the basis of education, but after going to Canada, these people will not even consider your education.

If you are taking a very good salary then your plan is not better to move to Canada.

4: Social Person

If you are a very social and lively person, If you can’t live in loneliness, then this country will create problems for you.

Because those people are busy in their jobs and business. If you are a very social person then don’t move to Canada.

5: Want to Save Money

One more thing to keep in mind is that this country calls those people who are well settled. They wouldn’t call struggler anyway.

If you are thinking that you will come here and save money it would not be possible.

6: Valid Reason

You must have a valid reason while visiting Canada or going to any country.

What am I going for?

The aim should be in front of you because that aim will motivate you why I am going?

Canada is useless for you

If you can’t do hard work then going to Canada is useless for you. You don’t do any work at home, similarly, if you want to go to Canada then there is no benefit.

If you do not do any work, you will either have to make a habit of work or cancel to move to Canada.

  • If you never worked
  • Or you don’t want to work
  • Or you don’t like to work

I will recommend that you do not waste your money, time, energy.

Is it worth to move to Canada

Way of Living

The way of living here is completely different. You get home food at home properly.

Everybody supports you and helps you at home but when you go to another country, you have to do all the work yourself. After coming here you have to eat yourself which is expensive.

  • You have to listen to your Boss.

Now you are a Nawab at home and you have to bear everything outside. You will have to do work properly.

You also have to do work in your country. If you have to make your worth, then you have to do a lot of work in the beginning.

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Lack of Money

If you are short of money then Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong are the best countries for you. Go there and work to learn something, then finally you move to Canada.

But those who have the resources to go to Canada should go there. But if you have never worked or you do not want to work then do not move to Canada.

Is it worth to move to Canada

Some people think that they send me to Canada and don’t want to work there and come back in 6 months. There is no need for such people here. They want only hard workers.


Some people want to go to Canada but they do not know how is life there and what problems they may have to face by going there.

That is why I have written everything in this article that people going to Canada should read very carefully.

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