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How online tools assist bloggers in content writing

In this technology-based era, things are done quickly and effectively by using technical tools and software. These tools make our lives easy as it saves our time and makes us more productive. They provide us results with accuracy. Let’s cover how online tools assist bloggers in content writing.

There are many things bloggers need to keep in mind while doing content writing. Blog posts are considered way important in business strategy because they can leave a great impression on the readers. Blog posts can help you make people aware of your business and company so they need to be error-free and attention-seeking.

It is not easy to be a blogger because it takes much hard work. You have to face different challenges and have to fit in yourself in various situations. Molding your blog writing according to the circumstances and need is not a piece of cake. To compete in the market, on social media, or digital marketing your content should be up to mark.

To attract more people to your content requires much work. Competition is very tough. People want good quality content to spend time reading.

Spending so many hours on formatting manually decrease your productivity. Automation needs to be a part of your life. It makes your work done conveniently. You need to look for automated tools that can assist you in content writing. Check out some of the best tools you can use as a blogger:

  • Prepostseo text summarizer
  • Check-plagiarism check duplicate content tool

These above-mentioned tools are widely used tools that can help you as a blogger to write, format, or edit your content within few seconds. Each of them provides many other tools also like paraphrasing tools, image to text tools, etc.

Now let’s discuss these.


You can create notes on this platform or just copy/paste them to edit them. Upload any file from your PC, Google Drive, etc. Edit your text in any way like deleting, adding, formatting text.

You can check your word count and character count by just clicking a button. You don’t have to count each word manually. The tools will tell you the number of words and characters present in your text.

It provides you service to check plagiarism as well as grammar. If there will be any grammar mistakes the grammar checker tool will let you know and will correct that. EditPad plagiarism checker will detect the duplicate text in your content that will help you publish plagiarism-free content on your site.

Paraphrasing tool is a tool you can use to reword any piece of writing to make it unique and exclusive.

You can summarize your text or content with only the main points in it using a text summarizer.

It requires no installation to work for you. You can use this site’s tools online without having to register or signing up.

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It provides you the option to download your text and save it. You just need to click a single button to do this.

This tool provides you an option to expand your screen to full and reverse it with the “Esc button”.

By using the share note option available on this site you can share your edited text with anyone. Unlimited files can be created or edited and can be easily shared.

Files in any format can be uploaded in the textbox. Formats it supports are PDF, TXT, and DOCX.


  • You can edit your text within few seconds.
  • Make your content error-free.
  • Help you create original content.
  • Businesses can work on the same file many times to update it.
  • Content creators can rewrite anything using paraphrasing.

The next tool that we are going to discuss is the Prepostseo text summarized.

2: Prepostseo Text Summarizer

Text summarizer takes out the main points from the content and makes it a precise version of the original one. Text summarizer is a tool based on AI technology that converts long content into shorter. Summarized content doesn’t include each and every concept of the original it just picks the lines having the main concept.

Text summarizer converts 4-5 paragraphs into a single paragraph with 5-6 lines. The main essence gets extracted from the whole text you inserted. This tool has some amazing features.

Feature to be counted:

Summarization percentage: it is a bar that decides the length of the summary. If you keep the cursor more towards long your summary will be not too short but if you will keep that cursor towards short your summary will be shorter.

Show in bullets: when you will choose show bullets it will show you the summary in bullet points. This feature can help you in making the presentation. It makes it easy to read the content.

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Ranking wise: it is a button that will summarize your text in such a sequence that it will show you the highest-ranked sentence on the top.

Best line: when you choose the best line option it will show you the highest ranked or scored sentence from the text.

tool for content writing tool for content writing

Teachers, students, journalists everyone can get benefit from this amazing tool.

3: Check-plagiarism check duplicate content tool

This is a tool you can use to check if your content has anything copied or plagiarized. It is simple to use and works with accuracy.


Fast and accurate: it detects plagiarism in a matter of seconds and with great accuracy. It will scan your text over many different sites to check plagiarism. The word limit is 10,000 to 15,000.

Safe and secure: it is a 100% secure tool. Your data or content won’t get stolen or leaked anywhere. Reports or important documents get deleted instantly.  The tool does not save any information in its database.

More than one file: you can check more than one file at a time. 5 documents at one time can be checked. Even if many files are at processing the speed will not be compromised.

Students can use this tool to check their assignments. Bloggers or content creators can use it to remove any copied content so that audience won’t get offended and also reputation will not damage.

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Final Words

As we also know that the content writing is one of the most important parts of our business. You need to take into your account some online content writing tools for bloggers. In the above post, we have covered how online tools assist bloggers in content writing. These tools can be helpful to create powerful content for your online business.

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