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Starting Over At 50 Through Freelancing!

Many people opt to freelance after working in corporate jobs or having children because it allows them to have more autonomy and flexibility than they had while they were younger. Let’s cover starting over at 50 through freelancing!

There’s a common misconception or myth about freelancing, that it is only for teenagers. However, older people are gaining a foothold in the freelancing sector today more than ever. They play a vital role in the modern freelance gig economy.

As per the United Nations, global life expectancy has increased to 72.6 years. Many people will have several occupations throughout their lives. During their working years, baby boomers have roughly a dozen occupations.

Over the age of 40 and 50, writers and other creatives have come to appreciate the independence and flexibility of the independent lifestyle. According to a recent UpWork poll, 28 percent of Baby Boomers work as freelancers full or part-time.

The number of freelancers in the United States has risen to 57 million, increasing from 53 million in 2014. As per the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), as is cited by AARP, more individuals are resorting to freelance work as the following profession, with over 40% (37%) of freelance workers being over 55.

These stats make a compelling argument for anyone above 50 or so to join freelancing if they wish to do so. Some other benefits and headers to remember while joining the gig economy are as follows.

Benefits Of Freelancing

1. Independence

Less hassle of office politics and a wider array of work to explore. Many older freelancers yearn for the independence that comes with the independent lifestyle after spending most of their lives cooped up in an office.

2. Flexibility

Everyone, regardless of age, is attempting to achieve the ideal work-life balance. For many, freelancing’s flexibility is a move in the right direction toward achieving balance. For individuals who require a better work-life balance while looking after children or providing for a sick loved one, freelancing is a possible choice.

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3. Availability

The abundance of freelancing opportunities makes it simple for senior creatives to get employment, especially if they have been let off abruptly. It’s far easier to use talents gleaned through years of job experience to a side project as a freelancer or to use this expertise to launch a new career path in your life. These days, there are lots of freelance opportunities for everyone.

4. Creative Fulfillment

Last but not the least, Creative fulfillment. While some 50+ creatives supplement their retirement income by freelancing, others who are still employed have discovered the same creative outlet that attracts the majority of younger freelancers. A creative individual who has been doing the same work for several years may be craving for something new. Freelancing gives you a much-needed avenue for your bottled-up creativity.

How Freelancers Over 50 Can Remain Competitive

At any age, technology is going to modify the abilities needed for a successful freelancing profession. Because boomers were raised in an analog world, they will need to fast upskill to fulfill the fundamental demands of today’s media.

While general practitioners may have a wider range of tasks, concentrating on a few in-demand sectors might help you maintain a regular income. Consider areas and subjects you are familiar with if you are leaving a corporate job to pursue a freelancing career.

Demonstrate your knowledge to potential customers. Let your age have no bearing on your self-esteem.

Keep the following essentials in mind if you’re starting or scaling up your freelancing work beyond 50:

1. Learn how to use a variety of digital platforms

Learn the fundamentals of WordPress and other common content management and blogging platforms.

2. Take lessons

Take lessons, either in person or online. Training will not only keep you engaged, but it may also provide you an advantage when competing with other freelancers for a certain project.

3. Read a lot about other freelancers

Read a lot about other freelancers & take note of their advice. Attend conferences that are relevant to the field of expertise. Never stop learning and networking with people who might become future clients or influencers.

4. Find a tribe and learn from them

Join freelancing social media groups and don’t be scared to ask questions. If you select your relationships carefully, the freelancing world may be a collaborative environment. Writing at coworking spaces where people of all generations congregate might help broaden your horizons.

5. Keep up with the latest in digital media and marketing technologies

Watch how-to videos and subscribe to e-zines. Artificial intelligence will have an influence on content creation in the long run. People over the age of 50 have witnessed the progression of automation.

6. Visualize your content

Visualize your content as much as possible and learn the fundamentals of picture selection, formatting, and administration. These days, many content projects include both text and images/videos/GIFs. You have a better chance of securing assignments if you are proficient in all of them.

7. Find a patient and encouraging mentor

Find a mentor who is skilled in the areas you lack and learn from them.

8. If at all possible, avoid using paper

Work scheduling, project management, and communication tools such as Slack and Monday, as well as online invoice creating systems, are all ubiquitous. You’ll not only be more productive with these automation solutions, but you’ll also be helping to reduce paper waste.


People in their forties and fifties have expressed apprehension about entering the freelancing industry. However, no one is ever too old to work for themselves! Any and any experience is valuable. As a freelancer, you have a lot of options; all you have to do is figure out which one works best for you.

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Older freelancers, in general, have a higher motivation to study and show themselves, which also applies to technology. It may appear overwhelming at first, but you’ll be astonished at how fast you pick it up.

The most critical qualities in a successful freelance job are self-discipline, responsibility, and overall quality. This will help individuals wanting to hire freelancers a lot. Finally, being older might be a benefit to prospective clients and employers.

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