get instagram followers without hashtags

How to get Instagram followers without hashtags


Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing image-based social networking platforms that have gained tremendous popularity amongst the huge population in recent times. It allows users to upload photos and videos that can be edited and organized by hashtags and geographical tagging and also let one follow other users feed. Users have the option to link their accounts to other social networking sites enabling them with higher reach. Let’s discuss how to get Instagram followers without hashtags.

People use Instagram for many things like entertainment, inspiration, community building, and business networking.

Witnessing its huge popularity, potential, and reach, brands and companies are also not shying away from leveraging the benefits of Instagram to the best of their use for launching and promoting new products and services, creating brand awareness, and increasing their customer base. According to Instagram, 90% of its users follow a business on its platform.

Thus, Instagram has become one of the key elements for brands and companies looking for strengthening their social presence. They are making the best use of this online platform for creating brand awareness, driving huge traffic, and increasing customer base with higher conversion rates for fetching higher revenues.

People also have a very good perception of brands on Instagram. According to a Facebook survey, people agreed on the fact that Instagram plays a great role and contributes hugely towards recognizing the brands as popular, relevant, and committed to community building.

How to get Instagram followers without following

To capitalize on the full potential of Instagram, one needs a solid strategy to increase the follower count. Here are some useful tips and tricks to get a greater number of Instagram followers without even following them:

  1. Optimizing Instagram account
  2. Linking Instagram to other accounts
  3. A consistent flow of posts
  4. Collaborating with others
  5. Running online contests
  6. Optimizing the use of Instagram stories and IGTV
  7. Encouraging people to take action
  8. Use of Follower Increasing Apps

Optimizing Instagram account

Creating an interesting Bio for your brand using proper username, image, and captions for your Instagram account. The username should be clear enough and must have the capacity to help identify and represent the actual brand properly. Try keeping it short and easily recognizable. The link in your bio serves as a spot to drive Instagram traffic to your site and helps in optimizing your account for driving more traffic.

Linking Instagram to other accounts

You can link your Instagram account to other online platforms like your website, Facebook account, Twitter account, blogs, Forum profile, and E-mail Signature which will help promote social shares across all your networks and will be helpful in increasing its visibility. These paths will then ultimately lead back to your Instagram account and help in increasing the follower count.

The consistent flow of posts

The best mantra to increase the number of followers on Instagram is quite simple: More posts, more followers. This clearly means the flow of posts should be consistent and on regular basis. New and frequent posts engage the audiences well and help in gathering more attention and thus have higher chances of building up the followers.

Usually, Tuesday and Thursday evenings are considered the best time to post your content. While inspirational content working effectively during morning hours and entertaining content towards the evening.

Random postings at haphazard timings will not help as the followers start losing interest in your account and thus proves to be non-profitable with respect to the number of followers.

Thus, it becomes highly significant to maintain a calendar for a consistent flow of posts at an appropriate time for the growth of your account. Regular post not only helps increase your brand reach and Instagram followings but is useful in increasing your loyal fan base over time.

Use of Relevant Hashtags

The best way to increase the number of followers on Instagram without following them is through smart use of well-researched and relevant Hashtags.

Hashtags have huge potential and serve as an essential tool for discovery and extending social reach for building community.

The use of unique, branded, and relevant hashtags in your posts creates higher chances of it reaching the target audience and gaining followers.

Collaborating with others

Collaborating with other people is also a very good way to increase the number of Instagram followers without following. Instagram users with a high number of active audiences prove to be quite useful. They can either be a micro-influencer or a prominent high-profile Influencer with a massive following.

Maintaining a list of prominent influencers who are relevant to your target audience turns out to be quite fruitful. Keeping a check on their account through hashtags relevancy related to your niche and mentioning their username whenever you post any content relevant to them will surely help in fetching more followers.

Running Instagram contests 

Running interesting social contests with attractive prizes at a regular interval also proves to be a useful tool to engage and pull the audience.

Simple and exciting contests having unique hashtags and easy rules coupled with cool prizes and freebies will help in generating the interest of the target audience which will then propel them to locate and follow your page to become part of the contest, ultimately leading to more followers without following them.

Optimizing the use of Instagram stories and IGTV

Another way to increase the Instagram followers without even following them can be done by optimizing the use of Instagram stories and Instagram TV to reach out and connect better with the people who are not even following you.

By running and showcasing interesting videos of your brand through the Instagram story or on Instagram TV would surely attract the target audience’s attention and impel them to follow you.

Encouraging people to take action 

Who doesn’t love to have a greater number of likes, share and follow for their posts?

Encourage people to take such actions whenever they visit your page which will help in increasing your reach and number of followers.

Use of Follower Increasing Apps 

There are abundant apps available in the market that are useful to get a greater number of Instagram followers. These apps are verified and partnered with Instagram to give you a higher number of followers without doing anything. Some of the most popular follower apps are listed below:

  1. GetInsta 
  2. InstaBoom
  3. Followers Gallery 
  4. Tailwind
  5. InsEnGage
  6. InstaInfluencer
  7. SocialSnap

Each Instagram Follower increasing app has unique features. One can choose to use any app according to its requirement to get free followers but the most important thing to take care of is that it should partner with Instagram or else would lead to a ban.


Instagram is immensely popular among audiences and continues to grow. It is always useful to tap its full potential to your maximum use.

Everyone enjoys a great Instagram following and there are many ways to do it. Anyone can make use of the above-mentioned tips for increasing their Instagram followers without actually following them. The Digital marketing course in Jaipur also helps to improve your brand presence on online platforms.

Author: Shehraz KhanFounder of My Digital Post, and I have a passion for all things digital marketing. I hold an MBA in Marketing from the prestigious University of Pune and have been in the industry for over 6 years now. As a Digital Marketing Manager and Blogger, my expertise lies in SEO, SMO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Content Optimization. I love creating strategies that help businesses to achieve their marketing goals and make an impact in their industry.